February 22, 2015


Kurt and I have become adults overnight. We went from having the home studio, albeit portable to any location, running from a dingy basement suite with water issues and garbage landlords to an unbelievable, maple hardwood, whole house of an unfinished basement jam-space, home studio dream. Feast your eyes on The Old Home Place:


This place blows my mind, and it is the official new home of Bitter North Sound. I have taken to calling the house the Old Home Place because the story of the house reminds me so much of the song. Actually it’s more like the alternate reality of the song; what could have happened if the man character had not left the plough in the field to look for a job in the town.


The main floor is this amazing old house. It was built by a family in what I think was the 30s (I’ll double check this, I have forgotten the family name, too. Starts with an H though – that’s where the fireplace cover comes from), and when they decided to sell it to it’s they refused to go through a realty company for fear that it would be sold it to a developer who would tear it down. They personally interviewed potential buyers to make sure that whoever bought it would keep the original house, and my friends (my landlords) did just that. They added a top floor addition, but the main floor is the original Old Home Place. And I absolutely love it.


Honestly, more than anything I am just itching to get some bands in here and record! Not only does it sound incredible in here, just look at all that LIGHT! I didn’t realize, after being a basement dweller for so long, that the sun is not only good for marking the difference between day and night, but for bathing your home in a heat and light like no other. It’s so dreamy. There is also this piano that moved in before us. It’s older than Canada. It’s old enough to have candle holders so you could read your music in whatever castle/dungeon you were playing in. It’s also really out of tune. I’m not talking about the charmingly, honky-tonk, saloon kind of out of tune, either. This baby is well into the golden age of people yelling at you in honest-to-God rage to stop playing because it’s so out of tune. We’re going bring someone in to remedy this. I know a guy.


Also since the basement is unfinished and wonderfully insulated, Kurt and I were thinking we’d love to rent it out as a jam space. It would also make perfect storage for anyone who needs to store some stuff. If you or anyone you know is looking for either of these things, gimme a shout. But more so than either of these things, give me a shout if you’re interested in RECORDING SOME DOPE TUNES.

Seriously, the studio is ready to start booking for March forward. Call me. Grab your phone and do it. Write me an email. Let’s get that EP done, let’s pre-pro that album, let’s just make some music in the sweetest place west of Whyte Ave. I. WANT. YOUR. MUSIC. PROJECTS.


On that note, I’m convinced if you cut this house it would bleed creativity. It really is very inspiring. You know, I almost didn’t take the plunge into this place, and into the whole Bitter North thing. I was (am) very scared of the whole thing. I thought, maybe, I could hold it off for a while, move somewhere small, but into a main floor, so that way I could have taken the tiniest, most awful, disgusting, little, baby-step in the right direction. One horrible baby-step up from living in a swamp of a basement suite to at least living above ground. That would be good enough… right?

Wrong. Oh, past self, looking back I how stupid you are. It was a hard decision, I guess. Though with hindsight being 20/20 and all, the choice seems so obvious I can’t believe I ever debated about it. Kurt and I were faced with either moving to a beautiful little house in Ritchie with cheap rent, a great yard, and a heated two-car garage, or moving into the Old Home Place. The hike in rent and the sheer size of the Old Home Place were so daunting, and I kept thinking “what if it doesn’t work? What if I FAIL?!” I very nearly psyched myself out of what may be the most important decision of my life to date. Luckily, the thought of coasting through life with no progress towards my goals for another year was more horrifying than the thought of trying and failing, and I’m so glad Kurt and I took the leap. I was going to write, “you can’t let your life be ruled by fear,” but in this case, I am glad that fear the mundane.

I’m also dangerously dreaming of house concerts. (Is it bad to want to do everything?) Oh, well. Any takers?