When I set out to open a music studio, the one thing I kept in mind when making any business decision was "I am going to be working with musicians." I know that seems like a redundant thing to say, but it is the foundation of the whole operation. Pretty much everyone I know is a musician, or involved in the industry in one way or another, and I really wanted make sure that I catered to those people because those people are my friends. 

At the time I was figuring everything out, it seemed to me that there was this choice that artists had to make: either you could go to the big studio that's gonna give you a totally incredible product, but leave you in the red, or save some cash but end up with a poor quality recording that isn't going to represent you fairly as an artist. I decided to fill gap between tons of money/great product and low cost/garbage record. I have tailored my studio to give the musicians I know a chance at producing a really beautiful product and still be able to pay the rent. 

I really, really care about music. I care about how it sounds! I love my job as both a live sound and studio engineer because I want to listen to good music. It's selfish, really. I don't like going to a show where is sounds like trash, I just want to listen to really good music, all the time. I want my friends to sound like they are supposed to sound when they're on stage and for artists to have a record they can be proud of. With my experience in the sound world, I can create recordings comparable to that of the highest-rate studios.

My greatest efforts go towards not just being affordable and having a beautiful working space, but to working with the bands to create their unique sound as they hear it. I want people to come to Bitter North because they love the sound. I want people to come to Bitter North because they want to work with me as a producer. 


Emily  Bachynski,  "The  Girl  from  the  Bitter  North,"  is  a  producer, sound  engineer  and  musician  located  in  Edmonton,  Alberta,  Canada. BitterNorth  is  a  home  studio located in the Windsor Park Neighbourhood.