Down With The Sickness

This morning I woke up after a NyQuil fuelled sleep to find that the sheets hadn't moved. I was lying in a still-made bed as though I hadn't actually slept the night before, but had just died for the eight (ok, ten) hours previous. Whatever. I'm sick. I'm allowed to sleep for 11 hours because being sick is terrible. It really sucks because I'm not even real sick. I'm not puking or sweating or fevering or anything. Those sicks are good because you're usually expelling so much sick from every orifice in your body that you get better in like 2 days. I'm just stuck with the not sleeping, cold all the time, super congested, coughing until you gag kind of sickness where you start to accept that maybe you're just going to be like this forever so, I guess, hey! Why not just eat raw garlic like grapes and chase with shots of Nim Jiom. 

I suppose what I'm saying is that I'm functional but quarantined for the greater good. 

So I was really afraid of getting sick because I have so so so much on my plate right now - A lot of stuff I need to mix, a lot of sessions coming up to plan, a lot of Halloween body-suit painting I need to paint - but really this came at an excellent time because it has forced me to stay at home and work until I'm delirious I mean finished my projects. Come on! Look at this! I have a whole new website and all it took was me being locked inside my house for 72 hours with no hope of a conversation with another human being while some mild existential dread crept in. I also edited a whole stop-motion music video that I shot for Billie Zizi which looks dope. Should be released right away. 

Anyhow. This is my first attempt at starting a blog. Blogging, I know for a fact, I am not great at. Never have been. I found a journal from when I was a kid and just about every entry starts with "Dear Diary, I'm sorry I haven't written in you in a long time." (I will find photographic evidence and post) I am hoping that this doesn't become that, but I'm not making any promises. Mostly I only want to write about stuff when I have something to say, keep people posted on the goings-on around here. Probably mostly just photos of stuff I'm doing with minimal captions because I am super lazy. I'm going to try to find out how to put a subscribe button and then put that at the bottom of the page. And then if you want to read whatever dumb stuff I have to say you can be lazy like me and not even have to check in the page to see if I posted something because this magical website will just do it for you. 

Ok cool bye. I hope you don't come down with the sickness as I have.